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The all-American Cove Spas hot tubs offer the unique feature of being custom built, as well as the added bonus of exceptional customer service.

With a Dual Therapy System which combines direct pressure therapy with whirlpool therapy, you’ll have all you need to feel the benefits of a hydrotherapy hot tub in your own home.
Options such as size and seating configuration, Bluetooth stereo, volcano foot jets and remote spa control access, mean that you’ll have everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the affordable luxury of a Cove Spa.

Cove Spas product features

Cove Spas

  • Some designs available for immediate delivery
  • Great options for every budget
  • Dual Therapy System combines direct pressure therapy with whirlpool therapy
  • 10 Year Shell Guarantee
  • Made by Nordic Spas in Michigan, USA

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